Dining tables by nocnoi

We believe the most cherished moments happen when friends and family get together.

That’s why we have designed tables that are made to bring people together. 

To the dining tables you can add additional plates that allow you to have room for the whole family.

The dining table is the place where the whole family is gathered. The dining table is also a place, where a lot of time is spent. For this reason, a well build table is a must for every family. Tables made by NocNoi is made in robust wood, which ensures a long lifetime. Besides that, the tables are made with a sustainable approach. By this we mean that all the wood used in the making of the NocNoi tables are from controlled forestry.

Chairs to accompany

At NocNoi we also have the chairs to match the table. You can find the chairs you like the most, and these will fit perfectly with the table of your choice. Chairs by NocNoi is of course also made with sustainability in mind, to ensure a better and healthier environment.

Find the right match for you!