Chairs by NocNoi

For dinners, for work, for relaxation, for conversations – for all occasions we take a seat.

At NocNoi, we have created a range of chairs that allow you to sit comfortably for hours on end. Enjoy dinner parties in comfortable dining chairs and lounge back in good company.

Materials of high quality. 

At NocNoi we strive to ensure that the materials we provide for our chairs are of high quality. When you see the NocNoi logo, you know that it is well made furniture. Every chair is made by wood sorted by hand, to ensure the high quality.

Beside from the material being of good quality, the NocNoi brand also stand for responsibility and ecofriendlyness. All the wood used for the chairs are from controlled forestry, to secure the environment. 

Types of chairs

At NocNoi we make chairs for different situations. We have chairs for the dining table and the office, and it’s your choice if you like them with armrest or not. Besides this, we also make the tables to go with the chairs. Find your favorite combination of sustainable chairs and tables for your home.