NocNoi Venø dining table chair with armrests, fabric and solid oak

Dining table in solid oak with armrests

SKU: BOB-63426
  • With armrests
  • Assembled upon delivery
  • Very duable fabric
  • Free Freight in Denmark
  • 365 days to return
  • Safe payments

Durable and sustainable chair built for comfort

The dining table chair, made of gray fabric and white oiled solid oak, has lovely armrests and fine stitching in the back. Here you get a dining table chair in sustainable wood from controlled forestry, which you can use for many years in the home.

The dining table chair will fit fantastically well around a dining table in the living room. Invite family and friends to a delicious dinner and pamper yourself on these comfortable and relaxing dining table chairs.

You can also use the dining table chair in the kitchen. Place the number of chairs around the dining table that you have room for, and enjoy that you can sit comfortably for breakfast, dinner and supper.

Place the dining table chair in the place in the home where you think you will get the most pleasure from it.

All our wood is sorted by hand. The tree comes from Bosnia and all the wood is sorted by hand. Our wood has been carefully picked, log by log, to deliver the best quality.

We choose our materials carefully, to take care of the environment and to ensure that we build and design furniture that suits different needs and lifestyles.

NocNoi strives to create furniture that provides presence, atmosphere and coherence in the everyday life.
We design furniture that is built to last and to bring joy and comfort to the everyday life.