NocNoi Harre Vig wall shelf – smoked oak with natural leather strap, 50-100 cm.

NocNoi Harre Vig wall shelf

SKU: BOB-bobo103+bobo115+127
  • Danish design
  • Hand-sorted materials
  • Wood from controlled forestry
  • Genuine leather straps
  • Partly assembled upon delivery
  • Free Freight in Denmark
  • 365 days to return
  • Safe payments

Hand-sorted planks ensure a uniform and high quality

The materials are hand-sorted, which ensures a high quality every time.

The wall shelf will be nice to hang up inside the living room. On the shelf you can put some of your fine figures and your favorite books. If you like dried flowers, a vase with these will also look elegant on the wall shelf.

The wood comes exclusively from controlled forestry.

This means that no more wood is in common than is replanted, and care is taken to ensure that wildlife is not damaged in connection with deforestation.

This is our way of taking responsibility and maintaining our precious ecosystems.

It can also be an idea to use the wall shelf in the bathroom. Put your perfume bottles on the shelf next to your creams. Then you have the things at hand when you need them.

The wall shelf is made of smoked oak and high-quality natural-colored leather. Here you get an exclusive shelf made in Nordic and modern design.

Harre Vig - An area by the Limfjord

Harre Vig is a cozy cove located by the Limfjord close to our warehouse address in Roslev.

We have named the shelf after Harre Vig to pay tribute to one of the many beautiful areas in the outskirts of Denmark around the Limfjord, where our company is based.

Here people come and bathe, grill, play ball and generally enjoy themselves in the summer months.