Shelves by nocnoi

Mix and match with NocNoi shelves. The Harre Vig shelves gives you countless options. 

You can make a boring wall unique with your personal touch by mixing and matching. You can easily mix the different shelves with each other, regardless of the treatment of the wood and marble.

All shelves are available in 50×20 75×20 and 100×20 cm. And you decide whether you want the straps in black leather or natural colored.

Storage space is something everyone can use, and never can get enough of. Though, not everyone have the floorspace to put a bookcase, and for them, a NocNoi shelve is perfect. In this way, you get more options for storage, without taking up any floorspace. These are the best way of optimizing the space in your home. Besides that, you can spice up a dull wall with a customized NocNoi shelve, on which you showcase your plants and souvenirs. 


The shelves come in a variety of different types of wood, as well as in a lot of different finishes. You can also get it in beautiful marble.

Besides the shelve itself it comes with a leather strap, which attaches to the wall as support. This makes for several combinations of shelves and straps, which means, that you can get the exact combination you would like. 

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